General Catalogue

EAW catalogue (9,6 MB)
Complete catalogue 2017-2019
Article List (1,6 MB)
Complete article list with EAN codes


EAW abbreviations (41 KB)

EAW pivot mounts

EAW pivot mounts (3.2 MB)
General info, complete mounts, individual parts, assembly instructions, lever pivot mounts

EAW roll-off mounts, Picatinny, Blaser

EAWak (4.3 MB)
l-off mounts, Sportflex, side roll-off mount, mounts for Picatinny rails, assembly instructions
Mounts for Blaser weapons (429 KB)
Adapter for red dot sights (569 KB)

EAW claw mounts

EAWsem (2.5 MB)
General info, rib inserts & barrel sockets, barrel rings to solder on; front plates & locks; front foot with ring; front foot for rifle scopes with rails; rear foot with ring; rear foot for scopes with rails; rear foot for Steyr Mannlicher Schönauer GK

Component parts, special parts and tools

Individual parts, special parts and tools (2.1 MB)


Pistol mounts (283 KB)
Mounts for pistols and DOCTERsight
Picatinny-Blaser (0.6 MB)
Overview of mounts for Picatinny and Blaser
Converting a claw mount to an EAW lever pivot mount
Repeat accuracy mounts for Weaver/Picatinny rails
Pivot mount for Sauer 404 (172 KB)